Saturday, November 29, 2008

Sweet Signs

I held up a sign on Brambleton saying what i believe in. It was fun because a lot of the people that passed by me pointed and laughed at the sign. Even though it was a cold day it was interesting and a lot of fun.

Walmart Challenge

The day i stayed in Walmart was a veryyyyyyyy longgggg day. I went there with my buddies kyle and ben and we basically played around with the toys and stuff. While i was there i noticed a lot of people shopping for the holidays and also a lot of spoiled kids going to the kids toys section and whining to their parents to buy them different toys.

The Cell Phone Challenge!

I had to not use my phone for 31 straight hours. It was one the hardest things that ive ever done. Not being able to talk to anyone or text my friends was unbearable. As soon as i was able to use my cell phone again i went crazy.

Chalk Time

I wrote "OBAMA IS DOMINANT" on the side of kroger and i left chalk for people to write what they thought about it.

Time Capsule

I prepared items that i cherished and that i would like to have in the future like my favorite game, yahtzee, tolit paper incase i need to use the restroom, a guitar, and also poker chips because i love to play poker.